People's stories

Through these revealing stories, discover how our work has helped some deafblind children and adults around the world lead better and fuller lives.

  • Jabayer's story

    Jabayer's story

    Jabayer lives in Belabo in Narsingdi, which is a rural area in Bangladesh. He is four years old and lives with his parents and older brother and...

  • Harry's story

    Harry's story

    Harry is eight years old and lives in Lima, Peru. His family survive on a very small income and in poor overcrowded conditions.

  • Shifra's story

    Shifra's story

    Six-year-old Shifra Namukwaya was born profoundly deaf and with bilateral cataracts. She had little vision. Shifra recently underwent a successful...

  • Nectaria's story

    Nectaria's story

    Nectaria will soon be two years old. She is a beautiful, cheerful little girl who loves to play and smiles all the time. But she wasn't always like...

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017