People's stories

Through these revealing stories, discover how our work has helped some deafblind children and adults around the world lead better and fuller lives.

  • Lunelis's story

    Lunelis's story

    Sense International (Peru) is turning around the life of six-year-old Lunelis from Lima. Born into economic hardship, the future for multi-sensory...

  • Mihai's story

    Mihai's story

    Just three days after being born, Mihai was diagnosed with a brain cyst and visual impairments.

  • Stephen's story

    Stephen's story

    Stephen Kintu is a 24-year-old young man with deafblindness and was brought up by his single mother Esther outside Kisumu.

  • Hakim's story

    Hakim's story

    Alice Nabbanja, Community Rehabilitation Officer for Sense International in Uganda describes her work with Hakim.

  • Rizwan's story

    Rizwan's story

    When Rizwan was born, his parents quickly understood that there was a problem. Doctors told them that their son was deafblind.

  • Rajesh's story

    Rajesh's story

    When Rajesh, who is deaf, started to lose his sight, his school felt they could no longer cope with him and he was left to stay home in his village.

  • Chausika's story

    Chausika's story

    Chausika had a tough start to life – the fifth of seven children – and there was a lot of competition for attention.

  • Alisha's story

    Alisha's story

    Alisha’s story is one of determination and triumph. She was born with deafblindness and was unable to walk and was completely bedridden for seven...

  • Noorjahan's story

    Noorjahan's story

    Noorjahan and her four younger siblings live in Narshingdi, Bangladesh where her father is a day labourer.

  • Farid's story

    Farid's story

    Farid, who was born with multiple disabilities, and his family faced discrimination and ostracism in their home country, Peru.

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017