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Sense International review 2018/19

A blind young man using a cane to get to work in Peru

2018-19 was another year of inspiring achievements across the Sense International family. We never cease to be impressed by the passion and commitment of our staff and partners who, despite limited resources, achieve so much with and for people with deafblindness.

Across the world, we continue to demonstrate the tangible benefits when people with deafblindness receive quality services tailored to their needs, and when they receive support to speak out and advocate for change.

Our work starts with the very youngest children. Our innovative screening and early intervention programme with the Ministries of Health in Kenya and Uganda made a difference to thousands of families, with over 100,000 babies screened since the start of the work. In Tanzania we set up the first ever screening and early intervention programme based on learning from Kenya and Uganda, and Sense International India continues to support screening across the country through partner organisations.

Every child has the right to a quality education, and this year we increased support for inclusive education – with training for teachers, more home and school-based education, inclusive sports events, awareness raising, and advocacy. We also offered guidance and support to young people with deafblindness to earn a living to support themselves and their families – with training workshops in carpentry, hairdressing, knitting, baking, typography and business planning.

As well as being passionate in our approach, we are also rigorous and professional. We take our responsibility to safeguard the people we support extremely seriously. We have updated our policies, procedures and training to ensure that we maintain a strong safeguarding culture. We also gather evidence of the impact of our work to encourage decision-makers to change policies and systems to benefit people with deafblindness.

We conducted research into the prevalence of Congenital Rubella Syndrome in babies, the effectiveness of teaching assistants in supporting inclusive education, the barriers to economic participation of youth with disabilities, and the costs of caring for a child with deafblindness.

As always, our thanks go to staff, Trustees, and our partners across the Sense International family for their tireless work for people with deafblindness. We also offer our heartfelt thanks to our supporters, without whom none of this work would be possible.

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First published: Tuesday 20 January 2015
Last updated: Tuesday 17 September 2019