Project updates: Bangladesh

Improving people with deafblindness life chances

A young girl wearing glasses smiling and a young boy Since 2009, Sense International have provided technical advice to the Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) so they can improve the education, health and life chances of people with deafblindness in Bangladesh. This project is funded by the Government of Scotland, in partnership with Sense Scotland.

The National Resource Centre on Deafblindness (NRC) has been established in Dhaka to provide information and specialised training on deafblindness. Through providing support to the NRC - as well as a network of eight local partners - this project is ensuring access to education for children with deafblindness and vocational training for young adults who are deafblinds.

Due to the strong link between disability and poverty, this project aims to ensure that children with deafblindness are provided with nutritional support as well as assistive devices – such as hearing, optical or mobility aids.

The project also aims to influence government of Bangladesh to ensure the needs of people with deafblindness and their families are given long-term recognition in legislation.

First published: Friday 16 May 2014
Last updated: Thursday 12 October 2017