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Adela's story

Adela was born in May 2013 at Cuza Voda Maternity Unit in Iasi, Romania.  She weighed only 850 grams when she was born and had a number of health problems.

She was referred to a Sense International Early Intervention Support Centre by a doctor in December 2013 when it became apparent that she was unable to see or hear. When she began the early intervention programme, she was seven months old, but according to her weight and her general development, the initial assessment showed she was like a three-month-old baby.

Adela has received intensive therapy from experts in deafblindness. This has helped a great deal with her development and she has responded well. She is now able to sit up unaided and has begun to respond to movement.

Adela in a dark room watching bright colourful lightsHer parents want to provide Adela with everything necessary to lead a normal life. In the near future, they want to have Adela go through a bilateral cochlear implant and a hearing stimulation programme at the Early Intervention Support Centre. This will improve her hearing and help her learn to talk. 

Daniela, Adela's mother, said:

"Adela was born after two years of difficult treatments. She will probably be our only child, due to medical reasons which is why we are determined to do anything possible to give her the best in life..."

"Adela is a fighter. She was the star of the maternity ward. Everybody was talking about her."

"Before starting the early intervention programme, Adela did not care about playing with toys and she wasn't interested in sounds, lights or vibrations. After many sessions of multisensory stimulation at the Sense International (Romania) Early Intervention Support Centre, she became very interested in playing and exploring the toys."

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017