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Amina's story

Seven-year-old Amina, who is profoundly deaf with partial vision, is looked after by her mother and maternal grandparents in a temporary house in south eastern Kenya.

Amina’s father left the family and her mother now has to support the family by working on farms.

Sense International found Amina when she was taken for assessment at a local hospital. At that time, she struggled to walk, communicate and feed herself and was very much dependent on her mother for support.

As a result of her work with Sense International, Amina is now enrolled in the deafblind section of the Kwale School for the Deaf. By attending school every day, she has developed communications skills including sign language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as basic activities such as personal care like toileting and dressing, hygiene and general social skills.

Amina’s mum, Bintisiri Matano, says:

“Sense International’s intervention has released me from constant care enabling me to work on other people’s farms to earn money for my family.


Without Sense International Amina would still be totally dependent on me and I would be doing everything for her from feeding to toileting, leaving me with no room to do anything else.”

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017