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Madalina's story

Madalina is 19 and has both hearing and visual problems. She was included in mainstream education until 2013, where she asked her parents to be transferred to a school where specific methods are used to support the teaching of students with sensory impairments, due to struggling to meet the expectations of her current school.

In 2015, Sense International Romania initiated a vocational training workshop in digital typography at Madalina’s school. Her previous struggles with education made her nervous to start a course, and she said she felt afraid at first, but the teachers helped her to build her confidence, and when she finished her first calendar with photos from the classes activities in the project funded by Sense International, she said that:

She has been attending the workshop for 2 years, and told us about her experience:

“The typography course has opened new horizons for me and had a major contribution in my personal development. During my first encounter with the vocational workshop I felt tiny in front of those machines, so big and important and capable of producing wonderful and eternal things.


Mini-typography feeds my soul. We make leaflets, folders, files, invitations and games for our younger classmates. Although it seems funny, my best friends in the workshop are the punching machine and the binding machine which helped conquer my ridiculous fear of the unknown."

In addition to the typography classes, she attended an event for people with hearing and visual impairments, hosted by Vasile Adamescu, an inspiring author with deafblindness.

Madalina confessed that, although she was only inside the sensory tent set up in the Parliament of Romania for 10 minutes, she could not completely grasp the concept of how it felt to be a person with complete deafblindness. She explained:

“I identified objects, being aware of what they are. Unlike me, a person who is completely deafblind cannot immediately do this, because that person has never explored using their vision or hearing. I knew what they were, but a person with deafblindness must touch, explore, learn, identify”.

Vocational courses like this are beneficial to people with multisensory needs, and can help people who previously were doubted, or even doubted themselves, to reach their full potential. In the future, inspired by Vasile Adamescu, Madalina wants to study psychology, to uncover the mysteries of humanity, and able to help those around her.


First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017