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Muid Ahmed's story

Boy sitting crossed legged with girl and man

Muid is 15 and has partial deafblindness, physical disability and slurred speech. He lives at home in a 10 storey building with his two siblings. His financial condition is poor and the household’s yearly income is about 40,000 BDT (£360).

Shortly after birth, Muid suffered from a high fever, and he lost a lot of movement in his arms and legs. He was consequently admitted to hospital and the doctors started treatment. He was given daily injections for 14 days and after starting recovery he returned home with his parents.

Muid’s parents noticed that he wasn’t developing at a standard rate, and couldn’t sit up un-aided. He was identified as a person living with deafblindness in 2013. Muid was not independent in daily tasks, could not speak, and only communicated through sign.

Muid is now being provided regular physiotherapy under a deafblind project and also has undertaken a functional assessment. He was taken to eye specialist and Neurology doctor for further, more advanced treatment.

He is entitled to disability allowance and his mother was given a sewing machine to support their income, and the health, education and other rehabilitation processes. Muid has also been given a toilet chair and a knee gaiter for standing support. He also received some education materials – books, pens, abacus, school bag and subsidised transport costs for going to School regularly.

He learnt to eat rice and other foods with his hands by scattering it around his plate. He can now take a bath, use the toilet, stand up and dress himself independently.
He can walk at home independently. He was admitted at pre-class in and he can now count 1-10 independently and draw pictures, something he really enjoys.

Despite a number of community members treating Muid him as a burden, and doubting his opportunities for the future, his family expect that he’ll be able to establish himself in life. His guardians expect that he’ll be able to continue his activities of daily living independently and continue his study as well.

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017