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Roshan's story

Roshan is three years old and lives with his parents Manisha and Ajay Bara in Ranchi, India. He has an older brother, Sagar, and sister, Sajana.

Roshan was a small baby with lots of health problems. He didn't respond in the same way that his brother and sister had as newborn babies and his parents became concerned. During her pregnancy, Manisha had contracted Malaria. When Roshan was six months old, doctors identified him as deafblind. They believe Malaria was the cause.

Over the next two years, the family struggled to support Roshan and he was unable to communicate or feed properly. As a result he was a small and very passive child who didn't interact with the world around him.

Just before his third birthday, he was referred to Sense International and began to attend a centre for therapy. Within a few months of therapy and training from special educators, his mother could see a change in her son. He was slowly learning to communicate and can now sit up unaided. Roshan has started to play and interact with his brother and sister. The family hope Roshan's continued support will help him improve and attend school one day.

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017