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Ruth's story

Wednesday, 18 January, 2017

Ruth Nyambura from Waithaka Stage in Nairobi County, recently found out that her baby daughter, Margaret has hearing problems after she was screened as part of Sense International’s recently established programme to identify sight and hearing impairments.

Ruth, who is a single mother, was a student at a local university in Nairobi when she found out she was pregnant with Margaret. Ruth took the decision to defer her second year studies to take care of her daughter and is currently supported by her mother Margaret, after whom her daughter is named, who makes a small income from the sale of homemade food at a local market.

Ruth was offered sensory screening for her baby shortly after she was born, at Waithaka Health centre in Nairobi.

The tests revealed that Magaret has a hearing defect in her left ear and the family have been referred to the ENT (ear, nose and throat) department for further assessments.

Ruth said:

“Physically my baby is fine; I didn’t notice anything unusual so I was shocked when I got the news that she could have a hearing impairment. I have never imagined that my daughter could have a problem with her ears.

"The screening is a good service as we are getting advice on how to tell if the child has a disability. We are also getting a chance for early identification of problems that can be rectified before they progress.

Ruth continues:

"I am hoping it’s just a blockage and that she will be fine. Should it be confirmed that my daughter has a hearing impairment, I am hoping that health centre will help me in my baby’s treatment to regain her normal ear health.

"My priority is that my daughter gets good education. I want to go back and finish my university education, get a good job and support her in her education. It doesn’t matter if she has a disability or not. I can’t dictate what she will become, it’s her choice but I pray that she becomes the best she can.”

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First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017