Donate to the Nepal Ankur Foundation

Help us support deafblind children who have been affected by the earthquake in Nepal. The Ankur Foundation in Nepal has a resource centre for children who are deafblind or have complex disabilities and also works in the community. Your help, which Sense International will pass onto the Ankur Foundation, will help deafblind children receive support at this incredibly difficult time.

Chief Executive of Sense International, Gill Morbey, said:

"All of us have been profoundly moved and saddened by the images and footage from Nepal in the last few days.  It is particularly worrying to imagine the difficulties that are being faced by those adults and children with sight and hearing loss and how they are going to make sense of the situation around them. All our thoughts and prayers are with those struggling to survive."

Sense International has worked with the Ankur Foundation in Nepal over many years to provide support for deafblind people. The Foundation provides training for teachers in complex disabilities, community rehabilitation services as well as running a resource centre for children with complex disabilities.