Helen Keller Day and Deafblind Awareness Week

Helen Adams Keller was born in 1880 and was an American author, political activist, and lecturer.

The most famous portrait of Helen KellerShe was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, a remarkable achievement.

She wrote a total of twelve published books and is still widely celebrated.

Each year we celebrate Helen Keller Day on 27 June, the anniversary of her birth, in the countries we work in and it is an opportunity to highlight the achievements of deafblind people around the world.

A young girl in Kilimani sitting at a typewriter with her teacher


This year we shall celebrate the Helen Keller Day at Kilimani, school for the deafblind. Students will display their work and parents and members of the local community will have the opportunity to visit the school and see what the children have achieved.

Shifra, a young girl, eatingUganda

In Uganda we are putting on an exhibition of drama, dance and arts which has been created by the deafblind children we support.

"I can see my face in the mirror!" - read the story of five-year-old Shifra, who was born profoundly deaf and with bilateral cataracts.

First distance learning course in deafblindness launched in Uganda - Sense International has set up this innovative course in partnership with Kyambogo University and Kentalis International. 

Boys making jewelleryTanzania

We will be commemorating Helen Keller day by holding a series of events in Uhuru Mchanganyiko. This will include students from Buguruni School for the deaf, showcasing arts and crafts such as weaving and jewellery making. 


A young boy with glasses sitting at a school deskRomania

This year we have a lot going on to celebrate Helen Keller Day. With the young children we work with in our Early Intervention programme we will be having an activity day. This will include swimming hore riding and other fun activities. The older children we support on our vocational programme will be showcasing their skills to parents and supporters at a special event.

Helen Keller Day celebrations in Romania - SI Romania have been busy organising various activities for young people to mark the Day.

A young girl with glasses with her teacher touching a tactile rubber ballPeru

Over the past year we have been running a project providing a deafblind awareness training course to professionals who work with disabled children. We are hosting a closing ceremony on Helen Keller Day to celebrate the learning and achievements or everyone involved.

Developing communicator-guide services in Peru - Sense International has just launched a six month long course, supported by the Deafblind People Association of Peru. 

A young woman sitting on the ground cooking with an older woman


Helen Keller Day is an opportunity for a huge public awareness drive in India. We are working on a media campaign to raise awareness of what deafblindness means and the work of SI India.



First published: Tuesday 24 June 2014
Last updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015