My Turn To Learn

Please give children like Morium the access to education they deserve "My turn to learn", matching your donations with UK aid

Like in many other countries in the developing world, children with deafblindness in Bangladesh face huge challenges. Most are excluded from school, often because teaching staff don’t have the skills to support them and families are overwhelmed by the emotional and practical challenges. Without access to education, the children remain at home, and will not develop the vital communication and life skills they require to achieve basic independence.

Morium's story

Morium Begum from Narsingdi in Bangladesh faced these challenges. When Sense International first met her, deteriorating eyesight and hearing loss meant that she was on the verge of being taken out of school. Aged nine, her future looked similar to that of tens of thousands of children with disabilities across Bangladesh – a lifetime of social isolation – not able to contribute to the community.

Today, aged sixteen, with the support of Sense International, Morium has become one of the first children with deafblindness in Bangladesh to pass her primary school exams. She has grown into a confident young woman, with friends and a bright future.

Morium’s life story is one of hope, but she is one of the lucky ones.


What we will achieve with your support

Building on 20 years of experience working with people with deafblindness, we deliver a life-changing programme of inclusive education and vocational training in Bangladesh.

With your support, in the last 12 months we have: 

  • Supported over 350 children with deafblindness with their education. 73 of those are now attending mainstreams schools and 11 attend special educational need schools. 

  • Provided support to around 700 caregivers of chidren with deafblindness on how to better support their family member who is deafblind

  • Trained 10 Primary School Teachers on how to include children with deafblindness - improving learning quality and reducing drop-out rates. In addition we have done work on sensitisation of teachers, school management committee members in order to support inclusion of children with deafblindness in mainstream schools

  • Provide ongoing training to 17 special needs educators who work with families, enabling children with deafblindness to attend mainstream school or learn at home 

  • Created a new Regional Resource Centre – a hub of expertise for schools and parents to enable children with deafblindness across the region to get the best possible education

  • We have done loads of sensitisation and awareness raising in the local communities, with teachers, School Management Committees, community members, Union Parishad members, Upazilla Social Service Officers, Thana Education Officers, and also at a nation level during events such as World Hearing Day, to raise awareness of deafblindness.

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Matching your donations with uk aidUK Aid Match

Every donation made between 18 October 2017 and 17 January 2018 was matched pound for pound by the UK government, doubling the impact of your support for some of the world’s most disadvantaged children and young people. The My Turn To Learn appeal raised £521k from the British public – including a £216k contribution in Aid Match funding from the UK Government.

UK Aid Match was set up by the UK government's Department for International Development (DFID) to give a boost to public support for charities working in the developing world. It doubles public donations to appeals run by British international development charities, in recognition of both the public’s generosity and the wide range of causes they support. Visit UK Aid Match website for more information.