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'Confronting life' autobiography launch

18 April 2018

Sense International Romania were proud to recently host a book launch event to promote 'Confronting life', the autobiography of a strong-willed man who defeated darkness and silence.

At just two years old, Vasile Adamescu was left without vision and hearing caused by meningitus.

Many saw him as a lost cause, but through an extraordinary struggle, and with the help of his kind-hearted teachers, Vasile conquered the impossible. 

Vasile learned to talk, write, read and know the world through touch, smell and sensation.

After attending high school and university, Vasile went on to work as a teacher for over 40 years with students who had deafblindness and sensory impairments.

He is actively involved in promoting the rights of people with deafblindness, continually fighting to increase the quality of life for people with visual and hearing impairments.

Book launch

Vasile's extraordinary achievements have now been documented in a book about his life, and the challenges he has faced as a person living with deafblindness.

The life story is told by Viorel Micu, Vasile's intrepreter, and one of his closest friends. The book was launched at the University of Bucharest on Thursday April 19, 2018.

Attending the launch, were many students and adults wtih deafblindness, along with faculty staff and Sense International Romania.

"Mr Adamescu has a different perspective to share with us. He is curious, modest and writes about how he was misunderstood. His disability didn't dampen his character. Thanks to teachers who, like sculpturs, revealed the man within." - University of Bucharest trainer.

The first volume of his autobiogarphy is already available in English, Sense Internatonal Romania director Etelka Czondi will translate the 2nd volume.

 Mr Adamescu spoke at the event.

"My book is called 'Confronting Life' to thank my teachers and all who helped me, and to inspire people with disabilities and convince society that we can also be useful people. Thank you to Sense International Romania for organising this event. Together we fight for the rights of people with deafblindness. I want life of people with deafblindness to become easier and to reach as many children as possible."

By the end of the event, 90 copies of the autobiography had been purchased.

Find out more about the event, including images and video (in Romanian) on the Sense Interntational Romania Facebook page.

First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019