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Sense International Peru wins photography award

31 January 2020

A young girl smiling and holding a maraca, whilst an older woman sits behind her, also smiling and holding a maraca

A photograph of a child supported by Sense International Peru has been selected as the winner of the Disability Inclusion Photo Award by the Peru office of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The photograph by Omar Lucas shows Isabela learning to differentiate sounds using maracas with her teacher in the sensory stimulation room at her school.

Sense International Peru has worked with the Australian Embassy in Lima to establish sensory stimulation rooms at specialist schools across Peru through the Embassy’s Direct Aid Programme.

Alison Marshall, Director of Sense International, said: “We’re so delighted that Sense International’s work is reaching a wider audience through this award. The beautiful photograph shows how children with deafblindness/ multi-sensory impairment (MSI) can flourish when given the right educational support.

“This award is a fantastic way of celebrating the important work of Sense International Peru and all the teachers it has trained. We are also grateful to the Australian Direct Aid Programme for the sensory rooms they have helped us to equip.”

Isabela’s story

Isabela has cerebral palsy and was born with a limited ability to move and communicate verbally. At the age of two she was enrolled at a specialist school supported by Sense International Peru. Before this, she was only receiving basic hospital check-ups and therapy at home.

with support from the Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Programme, Sense International Peru established a sensory stimulation room at Isabel’s school. The teachers now have the training and tools to provide sensory therapies to children with deafblindness/ MSI.

Isabela’s favourite activity at school is using the sensory stimulation room, especially playing with sensory balls, watching lights and listening to music. Her teachers have established daily activities to improve her development.

“We love to work with Isabela. She responds very well to the stimulation provided in the sensory stimulation room and loves the lights and sounds,” says her teacher Nery.

Isabela’s dad Antonio says: “The stimulation she receives in the sensory stimulation room classroom has generated the main changes in Isabela. The colours and sensations have helped to develop her gestures and communication.”

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First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019