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Sense International Romania hosts special event to celebrate 19th anniversary

20 February 2020

Adina Ciulei, Chair of Sense International Romania, and Andrew Noble, the British Ambassador in Bucharest

Sense International Romania celebrated its 19th anniversary by hosting a special event to thank everyone who has supported the organisation, and to celebrate its achievements and look ahead to future plans.

The event was attended by Andrew Noble, the British Ambassador in Bucharest, Sense International Chief Executive Richard Kramer, and representatives of partner organisations and companies who support Sense International’s work.

Guests could experience a sensory tent with their eyes and ears covered, touching various objects and textures to perceive their surroundings through their other senses.

Richard Kramer, Chief Executive of Sense International, said: “Thank you to everyone who attended Sense International Romania’s 19th anniversary celebrations for making the event such as success. I’d like to congratulate the entire Sense International Romania team for their hard work, fantastic achievements and their support to ensure every child and adult with deafblindness has the same opportunity to live, learn and thrive.”

Recent successes from the Sense International Romania team include a fundraising campaign which saw 65 Romanian companies directing 20% of their profit tax to Sense International Romania. The campaign raised £47,000 and the money will go towards education and vocational programmes for children and young people with deafblindness.

Meanwhile, the first class of typography students graduated from the Sfanta Maria Professional School for Children with Hearing Impairments in Bucharest. Sense Irina Cajal, State Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, the British Ambassador in Bucharest, Mr. Andrew Noble, Richard Kramer and Adina Ciulei, Chair of Sense International Romania BoardInternational Romania has previously developed a vocational centre at the school, trained 10 special education teachers in the field of deafblindness and equipped classes with sensory materials.

Sense International Romania organises orientation and mobility trips for children and young people at the school, and funds various activities to mark awareness days throughout the year, such as Helen Keller Day and International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Sense International Romania was officially established in 2001 when there were no services available for people with deafblindness/ multi-sensory impairments. This meant people were often misdiagnosed and given inappropriate care.

Due to the advocacy efforts of Sense International Romania, deafblindness was legally recognised as a disability in Romania in 2006 and appropriate services for people with deafblindness have been established.

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First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019