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World Hearing Day: Supporting children with deafblindness to access education in Peru

3 March 2021

A boy in Peru being supported by a teacher.

Today is World Hearing Day (March 3), an annual event which raises awareness about deafness and hearing loss, with this year’s theme being “hearing for all”. To mark this year’s event, Sense International is sharing updates about our inclusive education work in Peru to support children with deafblindness/ multi-sensory impairments (MSI) to access education, along with their families and teachers.

Sense International Peru has designed a project, building on previous work and experience, to provide a holistic approach to helping support the education system in Peru, working in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

Our three-year education project

In February, we launched a three-year project with support from donors, including the British and Foreign School Society. This will take place in 11 regions, as well as running virtual courses across all 25 regions in Peru. The project will:

  • Develop six new sensory rooms for students with deafblindness/ MSI in six regions to support them to learn
  • Provide training workshops for 650 teachers from inclusive mainstream schools and 550 teachers from special schools across 25 regions of Peru, who teach 3,281 students with deafblindness/ MSI
  • Raise awareness of disability issues at ten universities in Peru for 200 students so they are knowledgeable and supportive of disability rights and inclusion in their future professions
  • Develop a framework for possible engagement in Bolivia and Ecuador to extend the programme

Sense International's two-year project launching in April

From April, with support from The Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Sense International Peru will launch a two-year project to provide support for identified students with deafblindness/ MSI in 78 mainstream schools across 19 regions which teach children with deafblindness/ MSI, including:

  • Supporting 82 students with deafblindness
  • Supporting 164 parents and family members of students with deafblindness/ MSI
  • Providing training to 390 teachers of students with deafblindness/ MSI

In Peru there is a high level of exclusion of people with disabilities and a lack of capacity in the education sector, with 23.6% of people with disabilities not gaining an education (rising to 44.1% in rural areas) and 70% of teachers feeling unprepared/ untrained to deliver quality education to children with disabilities.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, lockdown restrictions are in place in Peru and Sense International will continue to adapt the programmes where possible, for example by providing virtual training.

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First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019