Our publications

Here are some useful publications you can download about Sense International's work.

General publications

Supporting deafblind people to live, learn and thrive booklet (PDF 1.8MB)
A six-page booklet that outlines how we support deafblind children and adults to live, learn and thrive as valued human beings.

Helping deafblind children learn, work and play leaflet (PDF 714KB)
This leaflet illustrates the work we do with deafblind children from their early years, through to education and vocational training.

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Bangladesh factsheet (PDF 1.3MB)

India factsheet (PDF 1.3MB)

Kenya factsheet (PDF 1.4MB)

Romania factsheet (PDF 1.3MB)

Tanzania factsheet (PDF 1MB)

Uganda factsheet (PDF 1.4MB)


Annual reports and accounts - download the latest Annual reports and accounts

Annual reviews - download the latest Annual reviews

Programme inpact reports

First published: Friday 13 September 2013
Last updated: Tuesday 20 December 2016