Uganda has a population of 35 million people, with an estimated 14,000 people with deafblindness – very few of whom receive any help.

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People with deafblindness and their families are often amongst the poorest and most excluded members of society. Without support from Sense International, children with deafblindness often lead harsh, isolated lives. Many will die young.

Sense International has been active in Uganda since 2005. There is one school in the country with a specialist unit which acts as a centre of excellence for deafblind education. In addition there is a professional training programme in deafblindness for Special Needs Teachers and Community Based Workers based at Kyambogo University.

“I didn’t know I would ever be able to communicate with my girl. After receiving the skills from Sense International we all started loving her more.”
Mother of Diana

Watch our subtitled video that briefly outlines the work we do in Uganda.


A young boy signingWe work with government and education institutions to improve people with deafblindness / MSI access to appropriate education.

  • We have established a ‘model of excellence’ for children wih deafblindness in Uganda; enabling 25 children to attend St Mark VII school for the deaf and deafblind in Bwanda.
  • Working in partnership with Kentalis we have supported Kyambogo University to establish a year long professional training program in deafblindness for teachers and community based workers.
  • 277 children with deafblindness and approximately 3,000 family members have received home-based support from Sense International and our partners.
  • We have trained 42 community workers to provide home-based support.
  • We have diagnosed and assessed more than 100 children since 2010 through the establishment of a Multidisciplinary Assessment Teams.

 Campaigning and advocacy

  • A mother hugging her baby girlWe have supported parents to set up the Association of Uganda Parents of Deafblind Children - which offers mutual support, information and advocacy to 343 members in 12 branches across the country.
  • We are campaigning for the government of Uganda to immunise against rubella – which causes thousands of children to be born deafblind when their mothers catch this during pregnancy.
  • We will continue to lobby, advocate and campaign until people with deafblindness are recognised, accepted and valued in Uganda.

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First published: Monday 19 August 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 11 October 2017