Project updates: Peru

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Better lives for people with deafblindness in South America

Sense International Peru has recently secured funding  from the Big Lottery Fund for a new three-year project to provide continued support to children and adults with deafblindness across Peru. Our work recognises the need of peopl with deafblindness to gain an education and earn a living - but is also concerned with the social and emotional health and well-being of both individuals with deafblindess and their primary carers. 


We aim to reach 1,000 children with deafblindness by supporting 24 partner organisations to become Centres of Special Basic Education (CEBE) – and to train teachers to ensure they meet the needs of children with deafblindness and multi-disabled in their classrooms.


We will also provide community-based rehabilitation to 100 deafblind people and 300 of their parents in order to improve their social and emotional health. This will help people to feel less socially isolated and be more accepted by their local communities. 


Training in vocational skills will increase the ability of adults with deafblindness to earn an income for their household and increase their autonomy, self-esteem and confidence. 


Sense International is able to influence the lives of people with deafblindness not only in Peru but also across Latin America through partner organisations in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela. We develop training for these partners and advise on how they might get deafblindness recognised in law – as has been achieved in Peru.


First published: Monday 2 June 2014
Last updated: Tuesday 10 October 2017