Project updates: Romania

Early Intervention, Education and Vocational Training (Funded by Swiss Government August 2013 to July 2016) and Orange Foundation (July 2014 to June 2015)

Sense International has made huge strides since starting working in Romania in 1999 – with early intervention, education and vocational support at the heart of our work. This work is currently funded by the Swiss Government and Orange Foundation. 

Early intervention

As a result of our campaigning a neonatal screening programme was established in four maternity hospitals across Romania. This is now being extended to the Eastern Region of Romania which is particularly disadvantaged. It is estimated that 30,000 babies will have their hearing screened and 7,500 babies will have their sight tested by 2016. 

Those babies who are found to be at risk are referred to early intervention centres where Sense International has provided training to a range of professionals including doctors, teachers and physiotherapists to implement an Early Intervention Curriculum for children with deafblindness - approved by the Ministry of Education. 


Our education project in Romania has been particularly successful. Sense International has trained 80 teachers – and 11 of these have been trained as National Trainers who can pass on their expertise to others. 42 Special Education Units for children with deafblindness have also been established, with support of the Ministry of Education. 

Vocational opportunities

We are working to ensure that young deafblind people continue to have opportunities once they are adults. This will include establishing two new vocational centres within special education units which - combined with an existing three units - will benefit an estimated 50 deafblind young people throughout the next year. 

This will also combined with awareness raising efforts to ensure that potential employers and local companies are aware of the vocational training centres - and that young people with deafblindmess have the potential to move onto paid employment following their graduation from the vocational centres. 


First published: Monday 2 June 2014
Last updated: Wednesday 11 October 2017