Angie’s story

2 December 2022

We’re excited to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities tomorrow. To kick off the celebrations we’re sharing a story from our inclusive education programme in Peru.

Meet Angie – Angie was born deaf with complex medical needs. She is five years old and lives with Kirner Syndrome, a syndrome that affects the ears causing deafness. This diagnosis left her parents feeling alone and confused.

Angie’s family was identified as part of Sense International Peru’s inclusive education programme. Since beginning to attend an inclusive school, Angie’s teacher has reported that her cognitive skills have progressed substantially. Angie has been able to recognise colours, transcribe her name, recognise objects and animals. She really enjoys playing with her classmates.

Angie’s mother, Nancy, has attended three workshops facilitated by Sense International Peru on socio-emotional support, educational training and legal rights for people with deafblindness and complex disabilities. These sessions have connected Nancy with other parents of children with disabilities and strengthened her understanding of the national legal frameworks and institutions that support people with disabilities. As Nancy explains:

“Thank you for the support provided. I have learned strategies of how to accompany and strengthen the education of my child. I know this will help Angie a lot”