What we do

Our work focuses on ensuring that people with deafblindness are able to access education, healthcare and the means to earn a living, so that they can thrive and live life to their full potential.

Early Intervention 38280 children

around the world were screened for sight and hearing impairments last year.

Advocacy and research 9235 people

were trained on deafblindness last year, including government officials, community leaders, education professionals and health professionals.

Inclusive education 5467 children

with deafblindness received specialist educational support at home or in school last year.

Vocational training 1564 young people

with deafblindness gained vocational skills to find work or establish a livelihood last year.

Our work

We work to identify children with deafblindness as early as possible in life so that, with the right support, they are able to thrive.

We also improve access to quality education and vocational training so that children and young people with deafblindness can become independent, establish a livelihood, and meet their full potential.

Our work takes a rights-based approach. We support people with deafblindness and their families to challenge stigma, discrimination and other barriers that exist within society so that their rights are recognised and realised – now and in the future.

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