Our strategic objectives

In order to achieve our mission of including people with deafblindness in societies and systems we have three strategic objectives which give focus to our work: 

  1. Innovate 

    We innovate and show how people with deafblindness can be included in national systems such as healthcare, education and vocational training, working in partnership with governments, OPDs, parents and others. 
  2.  Inform

    We share information and train people with deafblindness, their families and carers, health-workers, educators and other professionals, communities and decision-makers, so that people with deafblindness get better support.
  3.  Influence 

    We support people with deafblindness to self-advocate, accompany advocacy by organisations of people with deafblindness and parents’ groups, gather rigorous research and evidence, and meet decision-makers.

We have five enabling objectives which help us to build a stronger organisation:

  1. Our reputation and communications  
  2. Our governance, management and collaboration
  3. Our impact and standards
  4. Our people
  5. Our fundraising and finance

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