Our policies

Our work at Sense International is guided by a range of policies.

Our policies ensure the way we work, and the decisions we take, are consistent and that we can be held accountable to those who come into contact with our organisation and to those who work for and with us. 

How to raise a compliment or complaint 

If you wish to raise concerns about Sense International, we want to know and we will take it seriously. Equally, if you would like to let us know about something that we do well, please do get in touch. 

To raise a complaint or pass on a compliment, we recommend you contact your local Sense International office in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with that response, or if you prefer to contact us centrally, please email complaints@sense.org.uk  or call +44 7973 445635. 

Our Compliments and Complaints Policy gives more details about this process and lets you know what we will do when we receive a compliment or a complaint. 

How to raise a safeguarding issue 

If you have concerns about how our work might be causing harm to someone, we want to know. We take safeguarding very seriously and have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of abuse.

If you would like to talk to us about a safeguarding issue, please email report@senseinternational.org.uk or call +44 7866 593863. Alternatively, you can speak to someone at your local Sense International office. Ask to speak to the Director or Safeguarding Focal Point. 

Find out more details on our approach to safeguarding at Sense International by reading our Safeguarding Statement. For further detail, our Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy sets out our commitment to preventing abuse.

More details on our policies 

If you wish to see a full or summary copy of any of these policies, or to speak to someone about them, please contact your local Sense International office: 

Environmental guidelines 

In addition to these policies, Sense International has developed a set of Environmental Guidelines to inform our work. For more information, please read our environmental statement.