Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy: Summary

This summary is intended for quick reference by staff and those working for Sense International.


Sense International exists to support children and adults with deafblindness to realise their rights – including their right to protection from harm. Exploitation and abuse can take many forms. Sense International has a duty of care to protect everyone that comes into contact with our organisation and to act in the best interests of the people with whom we work. We must uphold this duty of care in all areas of our operations. Sense International has a zero-tolerance approach to bullying, harassment, violence, exploitation and abuse. Our staff and those who work for us must adhere to the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy at all times.

What you need to do 

Everyone has a role to play in keeping people safe. You should review the full Code of Conduct regularly to ensure that you comply with Sense International’s standards. The checklist below highlights some key points to remember: 

How to report a concern 

You must take action if you have evidence of misconduct or policy breaches, suspect abuse, or if someone raises a concern with you. This is what you must do: 

If you have a concern or suspicion: 

Make a clear record of what has been said or seen. This can include diagrams if it helps explanation. Write the date and time on the record and sign it. 

If someone speaks to you about a concern: 

You must report all concerns using the procedure outlined below: 

After a report is made, the manager responsible for leading on the response will follow the appropriate case handling procedure. For more information on how to address concerns, the reporting process, and what happens when reports are received, please refer to Section 3 of the full policy. A pictorial representation of the reporting process is available in Appendix 4 of the full policy. 

Additional information for managers 

If you are a manager, you have additional responsibilities.  

You must: 

If one of the people you manage speaks to you about a concern, you must make sure that the reporting procedure (outlined above) is followed. You should also: 

After taking these actions, you might be assigned ‘The Manager’ of the case. If so, you should refer to Section 3.3 of the full policy for details on the steps that you must take. The summary below is designed to provide an overview only: