Rutu’s story

2 August 2022

At Sense International we work to ensure that young people with deafblindness have a strong foundation to earn a livelihood.

Rutu, pictured above, is a 17-year-old boy who is deaf and has an intellectual disability. He is the eldest of six children and is looked after by his mother and father.

When Rutu was younger his mother noticed he had delayed speech and mobility. She took him to a specialist who diagnosed him with an intellectual disability. At first Rutu’s parents were worried about how Rutu’s disability would impact him, but they wanted to stay strong for him.

Through Sense International’s ‘Learn, Work, and Earn’ programme Rutu has been trained in hairdressing and provided with a start-up kit to help him begin building a livelihood.

At times, Rutu’s disability has caused him to be discriminated against. However, since enrolling in the ‘Learn, Work, and Earn’ programme Rutu has started an apprenticeship at a local salon within his community.

Providing access to employment enables people with disabilities to contribute to their family economically and promotes their wider inclusion in society.

Rutu’s mother expressed her gratitude for Sense International’s programme as her son has been able to acquire a skill that he can profit from this work has been made possible by the TVET Toolbox, Enabel, and the European Union.

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