Global inclusive education project

27 October 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the next phase of our Global Inclusive Education project! Join us as we continue to make education accessible for all. 
This project aims to strengthen each child’s support network, from families and friends to schools and communities. 
Let’s look back at some highlight from the first phase: 
💡 The project kicked off in April 2020 has been successfully implemented in all eight countries where Sense International works.   
💡 5,260 children with deafblindness and complex disabilities have been supported globally by our home and school-based education activities. 
💡 We established and strengthened 22 specialist community centres across Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania and Bangladesh. We provided training, tablets and/or computers to the centres that needed them. Our centres are now regularly used by children with deafblindness and their families to access education and health services. 
This work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of partners such as the Nelumbo Foundation. With the help of supporters like the Nelumbo Foundation, we can continue to help children like Angel.  
Angel was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when he was one. He lives in Peru with his mother and two siblings. As Angel’s parents are often busy working, Juana (Angel’s older sister) takes on caring responsibilities. 
Juana guides Angel in his specialist education classes. Recognising the role Juana played in Angel’s care, Sense International supported Juana to attend workshops about caring for a child with disabilities and provided her with tailored sessions specific to Angel’s development. 
Juana said that: ‘I have had the opportunity to meet and share my experiences with families who also have babies with disabilities’. 
At Sense International, we believe every child with deafblindness deserves to live, learn and thrive. Help us to build communities that support children like Angel. 

Angel, a young boy in a blue hat, is sat on his sisters lap. Their mother is sat behind them.