Working in partnership

Working with others ensures that we have the information, knowledge and resources required to respond effectively to need. 

Partnership is fundamental to what we do. We collaborate with local, national and international partner organisations that have relevant expertise, and we work alongside people with deafblindness, their families, professionals and governments to understand specific issues and identify appropriate solutions. We are grateful to our funding partners for their support, which makes our work possible. 

Our project participants inform our approach. Listening to people with deafblindness, their families and others helps us to understand individual support requirements as well as the systemic change needed to overcome common issues. 

Our project partners provide insight and expertise. These partners range from non-governmental organisations to organisations of people with disabilities (OPDs) operating at local, national and regional levels. They have first-hand experience of key issues in their location, and know what it takes to address these. We also partner with other international development organisations to work on larger-scale initiatives where our knowledge and experience can add value. 

Our national partners are leading the way. In Bangladesh and Nepal, our programmes are implemented by national partners. We are proud to partner with experienced and respected organisations that are making a difference to the lives of people with disabilities and are highly regarded for their work on disability rights. 

Our funding partners ensure that our work is possible. Financial gifts and grants from charitable trusts and foundations, as well as governments and other funding organisations, provide the vital resources required to establish and run our projects.